Best Holi Safety Tips and Measures for Colourful Holi

Holi, "Festival of colors" is three four days away. At this festival is not only our body, but also our mind full of colors. The Holi Festival always communicates the message of unity because we can not change people who are mixed up with colors. Our ancestors played Holi in a safe and healthy way with the colors made of flower petals, but now everything has changed. The new generation likes to play "Pakka Colors" instead of "Gulaal". They only observe what they have observed since childhood, which colors the color of the face and body. 

Sometimes it is very dangerous if you do not take any precautions. Mixed colors can be obtained on the market with chemicals that are very harmful to the skin, eyes and body. Some throw balloons filled with other people with colored water, which is not a good idea. Holidays should celebrate your happiness with joy and colors with your lover, but always remember that safety is the most important thing. Like the Diwali security tips, you must follow Holi's security guidelines to ensure a happy and colorful Holi. The NDTV team has collected some good photos about security tips at the Holi festival.

Few Holi Safety Tips:

1. Always use herbal colours, made by flower leaves and it is even better if you use branded colours.
2. Always wear ragged clothes such as denims are recommended and dispose them just after the celebrations.
3. Try to wear Full clothes, so harmful chemicals mixed in holi colours not reached sensitive body parts.
4. Apply coconut oil on whole body even on hairs also before start playing with colours.
5. Keep your lips and eyes tightly closed while someone smeared colour on your face. You can also use sunglasses to protect eyes from colours.
6. Apply thick coating of nail paint on your nails to protect them from colours.
7. Never throw balloons filled with coloured water on anyone, as it may cause some internal injury.
8. To protect teeth from colour stains you can use dental cap.
9. Cover you head with hats, caps and shower cap to save hairs from harmful colours.
10. Never rub your face; if you do this you get rashes and burn sensations. So try to use cleansing cream or home product like Gram Flour (Besan).

Important Precautions and Holi Safety Tips :

11. Try to avoid the usage of Grease colours and play with red and pink colours as they are easy to remove.
12. Try to be at home during the peak hour of celebrations as home is the safest place.
13. Always keep the car windows shut while driving.
14. Avoid dancing and walking on wet floor as you may slip and cause an accident.
15. Its better to avoid playing colours if you are allergic or if you really want to enjoy, at least consult a dermatologist.

Necessary Precaution, Measures and Best Holi Safety Tips :

16. Use footpath and always prefer sidewalks on roads especially on the festival of colours that is Holi.
17. Never drive a vehicle when you are high on alcohol.
18. If someone misbehaves with you or tries to put colour on you without your permission you can report it to the police.
19. As we know and you might have heard ‘Excess of Anything and Everything is Bad’, so avoid drinking too much liquor or bhaang.
20. Avoid any chemical additions to playing colours.

Precautionary measures with holi safety tips for a sound holi :

21. Always be prepared with a first aid box containing basic skin healing ointments and anti-allergic medicines for those who are allergic to colours and gulaal.
22. It is good to avoid displaying fire crackers on holi as it pollutes the environment thereby leading to different atmospheric catastrophes such as global warming.
23. It is humbly requested for folks who play dulaandi is to avoid dust, cow dung, mud and sewage materials. Rather use gulaal and traditional holi colours.
24. Never throw anyone in water tanks or sewage gutters as it might lead to severe injuries.
25. Play Safe and sound holi by not being rude to anyone and avoiding any fights.

Ultimate holi safety tips for all :

I have full confidence that everyone is going to like these holi safety tips that we have organised as a list and if you have any more suggestions or tips, just drop us a comment. Help us spread the holi safety tips and important measures this holi in 2015 by sharing it on social media.


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